• Daniel Levis - Email Alchemy Elite 2.0

How to LAUNCH, BUILD and SCALE a 6 or 7-Figure List-Driven Business


Fellowship Fortune-in-a-Box.
Your A-Z, Step-by-Step List-Business Launchpad!
Watch over Daniel's shoulder, as he guides you step-by-step through selecting the perfect niche and market... setting up the list-capture and monetization technology... finding or creating an in-demand product to sell... and using OPM (Other People's Money) and OPL (Other People's Lists) to finance your growth.


The CORE ARSENAL - 12 EMAIL ALCHEMY Templated Campaigns. Over 65,000 Words of Spell-Binding Copy. The Entire Subscriber Life-Cycle, HANDLED! (Delivered Over 11 Weeks with the Pay-As-You-Play Option)
Set your Earnings ON FIRE with over 100 tested and proven, DONE-4-YOU EMAIL ALCHEMY templates. Harness Daniel's revolutionary "secondary reward" technology at a tiny fraction of the $2,500 per email his clients pay. The complete subscriber life-cycle handled, from cradle to grave. (NOTE: Not for third-party use. For the sale of products or services offered or recommended by your own business only.)


The INFINITE ARSENAL - 4 NEW EMAIL ALCHEMY Templates Each and Every Month. Written for Members, Created From Scratch, For YOU!
There's nothing like watching a master at work for picking up the subtle nuances of email persuasion, honed to razor sharpness over thousands of hours of battle-hardened experience. Be a fly on the wall as Daniel drills into your business and lovingly crafts a brand-new template for the group and fleshes it out for you.


4 The Complete EMAIL ALCHEMY 4-Module Track I Training, for DO-IT-YOURSELF Mastery (Delivered Over 6 Weeks with Pay-As-You-Play Option)
More than 12 hours of intense email creation instruction, plus Daniel's Email Starter and Campaign Planner worksheets for mapping out series structure and creating brilliant "from scratch" EMAIL ALCHEMY campaigns. Discover the secrets to writing cannot-be-ignored emails that rake in $3-to-$16 per subscriber every couple of weeks.


The Complete Click-to-Sale Lifecycle Training
The tools you need to PLAN, STRATEGIZE, EXECUTE and EXTEND unconventional EMAIL ALCHEMY style marketing into every other type of media. Instantly tap into years of priceless in-the-trenches discoveries for extracting every last dollar from every precious click you generate with your EMAIL ALCHEMY campaigns.


6 Private Member's-Only Facebook COMMUNITY MASTERMIND and Monthly GROUP COACHING
Ask questions and log on to a group coaching call with Daniel, each and every month, for further training on niche selection, tech, product creation, template adaptation, list building, auto-responder systems, any and all HOT TOPICS that come up. EMAIL ALCHEMY "ELITE" is a living membership. You are never alone.


7 UNLIMITED, PRIVATE, email based COACHING with Daniel!
(16 Business Hour Response Time)
Depending on your membership level (see below), you get up to 6 full months of private access to Daniel, for campaign strategy, positioning, Unique Selling Proposition, story crafting, help adapting the templates to your business, anything you need to get going. Anything and everything email marketing is fair game. Let's blow every last roadblock out of the water once and for all... so there's no way you can fail!
Total Value: Over $38,437
Start Today For Just $7,500

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Daniel Levis - Email Alchemy Elite 2.0

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