About Us and FAQ

        Hello Dear Customer, we are a great team who started this Business few years Ago and we had a lot of customers who want to change their life, start a new business or to expand their business, we helped a lot of people to buy cheap products offering Coupon codes just for regular customers or for new customers who want to buy in bulk.

We Guarantee for our service and for the products so don’t worry if you will have any kind of troubles we are here to help you.


1. Payment Accepted.

    Paypal in special, but you have other option where you can choose like webmoney, payza, skrill,neteller, solidtrustpay or any other kind of payments you can can do from your country.You have to contact us first for other kind of payments.

2. How to Buy?

        Very simple, just add one or more products to cart and when you think is time to pay just checkout.

        Please before you pay when you have to fill that adresses on e-mail section please put your best e-mail you use everyday because we had some failed orders because some people put fake e-mail and we sent the product on that e-mail address and ofcourse this mean an unhappy customer. So please put your best e-mail there and you will receive the product in few hours right there.

3. The products are Complete and  Full Functionally?

        This website is in special for the people who want to make some changes in their life, who want to grow their business, who want to start a business etc…

        Yes all products are full products without missing a file and all working properly.

4. How I will receive The Products?

        After the Payment you will receive an e-mail with the indication or you will receive directly the product. That depends how big is that product because some products, programs, courses… have more than 15GB and this larger products, programs, courses…. can take 5-6 hours to be send.

5. Why are so Cheap?

    Because we are Profesional Marketers And we just reselling the products on the cheap way and we like very much what we are doing.

6. Do you Guarantee for your products?

        Yes We Guarantee for our products and if sometimes something is not working properly or something is missing or if you will have some problems on download, don’t worry we will take care and everything will be done in few hours.

7. How to Contact www.BizBOOO.com staff?

    You can contact us online because now we have online support or you send  am e-mail to fresh4biz@gmail.com and we will respond on your questions and help you in just few hours or minutes.

How Do I know Is Not  A Scam Website?

Just ask for a sample, demo of any products you want to buy or you are interested  and you will receive a sample in few hours.

8. Discounts?

        All our products already have a discount so we can give you another one if you buy in bulk

        We know you like discounts and everybody like them but just if you want to buy $150 products we can give you a 25-30% coupon.All you have to do is to contact us and ask for a $150 coupon products and we will make a coupon for you.

        That coupon can be used for 15 days.

        Finally on the last words we want to say  you something.I know maybe you think this is not a serious website and you will loose your money and you will not receive the productsBut you can buy something on $5 and if don’t like our service of course you will never comeback and we don’t want this.

        Now about online support please don’t ask us everytime online why we have the products so cheap or how much money we make or how we make this website, how much traffic we have etc,etc……we tired of this kind of questions and to answer on them. We banned over 100 IP’s because we reserve our rights to choose some customers who worth our time to make business with them...

        Here is not everything about money, we like very much what we do and we respect verry much every customer, we help in any problem and we resend all  products if it need.

        Some customers didn’t have enough  money and we see he really want the product and want to make some changes in their life, on this customer types we give give them some really big discounts or  sometimes we just give them the products he want for free.So we like verry much the people who respect us and want change his life in good, or want to start a business or want to be verry motivated, etc…..

        What you are waiting for, try our service and if you don’t like it we will refund you for sure.