• Jay Abraham - Best Winning Ads

Best winning ads from jay abraham's private file.

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This 450 mammoth Swipe file from Jay Abraham's collection is Yours to Super Get.

Jay Abraham Famous Advertising Guide Book.  
450 Pages of nothing but his best ads and sales letters.  Each was chosen by Jay for some particular advertising principle which they each illustrate clearly. 

Keep in mind that these ads were chosen for a good reason They are all winners. They have earned millions and millions of dollars for the people who conceived and ran them. 

More than a few of them are Jay's, but he wanted to expose a wide range of other equally profitable styles and approaches. Jay hopes you will profit from the study of these advertisements in two ways. 

First, he wants to inspire you to take these time-proven techniques and apply them to every ad you write. But more importantly, Jay hopes they will open new windows of awareness and cause you to examine the advertising and direct mail you see every day with a more discerning and informed eye. 

This way you will continue to advance and grow and profit even more every day for the rest of your life. 

Table of Contents::-Challenge Systems-Bicentennial Papers

-$495 Transcript-Method to My Madness-Coin Dealers

-True Story -Muscles Lugers Endorsements

-American Media Group-Direct Response Agency

-Unique Selling Proposition-Baseball Cards

-Virgin Customer List-Marginal Net Worth Theory 1

-Marginal Net Worth Theory 2

-Post Purchase Possibilities

-Better-Than-Risk-Free-Killer Headlines

-The Right Pitch

-The Moving Parade

-Working the List

-Great Retail Ads

-The-Ultimate Tax Shelter-Blitzkrieg Survival

-The Bump

-The Magic Word

-The List is Crucial-Free Seminars


-Post Purchase Reassurance-Self Promotion

-Tax Shelter Seminar

-Joel Nadel's Boot Camp

-Financial Intelligence Reports

-Gary Halbert

-more Halbert Tidbits

-Marketing Test

-special Importance

-row or Die

-John Schaub

-ethical Bribes

-Financial Survival-

Marketing Professional Practices (Volumes I & II)


-bizzar Financing

-contingency Client Solicitation

-selling a business

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Jay Abraham - Best Winning Ads

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