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We’ve all been taught hundreds of proven strategies to go out and get ourselves a “herd.” But, the bottom line is that once you do, you can only keep customers coming back with your ‘content’ for so long. What keeps them around giving you money for decades is a never-ending interest in you as a ‘character’ that they feel compelled to continuously know what’s going on (like a lead character in a series fiction novel).

This seminar was more about keeping customers for life. And if you want to make real coin - you MUST learn how to do this. Repeat business is the key. The backend IS where the money is. You can make sales...but WEALTH is in developing CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE.

Even if you have a ‘Dan Kennedy Room’ (as some do) and own everything I have ever written, recorded or produced….even if you have been with me for so many years you’ve lost count….and even if you think of yourself as a super knowledgeable marketer…..you will hear plenty in this presentation that you have never heard or thought of and considered before.

Some of what's inside:

* Why you will NOT keep customers for life based on your products, services, quality or core competencies. There is only ONE THING you CAN do to keep customers involved, active and responsive for life.

* Longevity Secrets – it’s easy to make plenty of money and look smart for a few years. But different strategies are required to sustain success for decades.

* How to ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE that your customers will eagerly open and read whatever mail or e-mail you send them, every time. (What’s that worth?)

* A new set of insights about the business you are REALLY in. (Hint: you are NOT really in a product or service business or the business of marketing products or services. There’s a space above that, more sophisticated, much more profitable.)

* The SEVEN ELEMENTS to an extraordinarily successful Personality-Driven Business.

* The ONE THING your customers (readers) secretly want from you – how you can give it to them, and have them eating out of your hand.

* Does your business pass my Soap Opera Test? Make this ONE CHANGE and watch results to marketing to present and past customers skyrocket.

* The WORST MISTAKE you can possibly make, with positioning.

* FOUR STEPS to writing brilliantly, even if you think you can’t competently write a grocery list.

* How can your marketing be improved by James Bond, Oprah, Spiderman, Daredevil and Batman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Luke And Laura, Smallville, Rush Limbaugh, and Regis Philbin?

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Dan Kennedy - Personality in Copy 

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